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Dear Hariesh, how does the issuing bank protects its interests. Consider a case, where the buyer doesnt turn up to receive his cargo, possibly due to a sharp fall in the price of commodity.

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But, based on article above. The bank can always use his power to get the money back no matter what excuses the buyer gave. You aare really producing fantastic articles. Keep up the good work of educating people in this industry of ours. Once in shipping will remain in shipping. I would like you to comment of an FCA contract if you can.

Letter of Credit (LC) - Defintion - Top 9 Types of Letter of Credit.

I would be happy if you could also elaborate on procedures or steps to take if i am say, of receiving and despatching a foreign vessel at port. I have done diploma in shipping from india, but after marriage settle in singapore n busy with housework n kids almost 10yrs , i need to know some terms again like a revison n u have really provided it so well.

Hi Gail, thank you for your comments..

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Am glad that i can be of assistance to anyone looking to enter the shipping industry.. In the beginning there is a seller and a buyer who want to conclude a business transaction.. Like this: Like Loading Related Posts you may find interesting.

Be part of the discussion and share your views about the article here.. Cancel reply. Dear Mr. Manaadiar, Thanks so much for walking us through, on how LC works in such a simple and straight forward style. Thank you.

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How can buyer protect its interest if Seller ask the Buyer to issue a non revocable LC? First, i think the buyer will pay the issuing bank together when they issuing the LC. If the student is making acceptable progress, a grade of PR is assigned until the thesis is completed.

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A student who has selected the thesis option must be registered for the thesis course during the term or Summer I during the summer, the thesis course runs ten weeks for both sessions in which the degree will be conferred. The following must be submitted to The Graduate College by the thesis deadline listed on The Graduate College website:. After the dean of The Graduate College approves the thesis, Alkek Library will harvest the document from the Vireo submission system for publishing in the Digital Collections database according to the student's embargo selection.

While original wet signatures are preferred, there may be situations as determined by the chair of the committee in which obtaining original signatures is inefficient or has the potential to delay the student's progress.

In those situations, the following methods of signing are acceptable:. If this process results in more than one document with signatures, all documents need to be submitted to The Graduate College together. No copies are required to be submitted to Alkek Library. However, the library will bind copies submitted that the student wants bound for personal use.

Much more than documents.

Personal copies are not required to be printed on archival quality paper. The student will take the personal copies to Alkek Library and pay the binding fee for personal copies. Search Catalog Search. More Tools. Thesis Proposal The student must submit an official Thesis Proposal Form and proposal to his or her thesis committee. Thesis Committee The thesis committee must be composed of a minimum of three approved graduate faculty members. Thesis Enrollment and Credit The completion of a minimum of six hours of thesis enrollment is required.

One 1 PDF of the thesis in final form, approved by all committee members, uploaded in the online Vireo submission system. In those situations, the following methods of signing are acceptable: signing and faxing the form signing, scanning, and emailing the form notifying the department in an email from their university's or institution's email account that the committee chair can sign the form on their behalf electronically signing the form using the university's licensed signature platform.

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