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Christopher Doda is a poet, editor, and critic living in Toronto. His award-winning nonfiction has appeared in journals across Canada and he was on the editorial board of Exile Editions for over ten years. Its essays offer an intimate form of education, and, better, help give what might seem like overwhelming complexity a reassuringly compassionate and relatable face.

His award-winning non-fiction has appeared in journals across Canada and he was on the editorial board of Exile Editions for over ten years.

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After the Islamic Revolution of , she was arrested at the age of sixteen and spent more than two years in Evin, a political prison in Tehran, where she was tortured and came very close to execution. She came to Canada in and has called it home ever since.

Her memoir of her life in Iran , Prisoner of Tehran , first published in , was an international bestseller. Christopher Doda is a poet, editor and critic living in Toronto. He is the author of two books of poetry, Among Ruins and Aesthetics Lesson.

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National Jewish Book Award for Fiction. His most recent novel is The Afterlife of Stars. Culled from leading magazines on topics as diverse as race, economy, literature, sports, bioethics, and family, Best Canadian Essays contains award-winning and nominated nonfiction articles that are topical, engaging, and have their finger on the pulse of our contemporary psyches. Christopher Doda is a critic, an editor, and a poet.


He is the author of the collections of poetry Aesthetics Lesson and Among Ruins , and his poems and reviews have appeared in journals and magazines across Canada. He is the book review editor for the online journal Studio. It can be as economical, sensuous, and bracing as poetry, but, unlike poetry, prose has specific rules and provides specific guarantees. It is an information conductor: no matter how stylish your sentences, your syntax must serve up clarity not ambiguity. Written for payment, prose is a product that, in turn, is sold to consumers who inhabit a marketplace filled with distractions.

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The writing, therefore, needs to be lively and incisive. It needs to act swiftly on the reader.

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They tend to have a habit of taking on too much, which means they live a life oppressed by deadlines.