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The university has a thriving academic community, over student clubs and organizations, and is known for its positive campus atmosphere; in , it was rated as having one of the top 10 happiest student bodies in the country. The University of Pittsburgh strongly encourages applicants to write three short essays, granting potential students a great opportunity to showcase multiple facets of their personality, experiences, and interests.

Read on for tips to help you master these essays and boost your chances of acceptance into one of the happiest and highest-ranking public schools in the country!

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Whether the impact you have made is large or small, the essay should show how you possess each of these qualities. Be sure to also illustrate the impact; for instance, for the second example above, the writer could incorporate dialogue between herself and the student when he expresses his gratitude for her reaching out to him. Find every essay for the schools you're applying to and manage the writing process with expert tips along the way.

Taking it one step farther, UPitt is also looking for your ability to reflect. What evidence do you have of your uniqueness? What experiences can you point to that showcase your individuality? In that case, be sure to point to specific experiences; you could focus on just one moment and tell the story with rich detail, or skillfully connect a few experiences together into one cohesive narrative. The key is to demonstrate your uniqueness through real-life examples and show how this uniqueness will translate into helping you excel at UPitt.

The key is to remember that you are still unique! Your specific life experiences, background, personality, interests, and a million other things form a special combination that really cannot be found in anyone else. Try writing out all of your interests, skills, and passions, and then lift out a few from the list. Next, think about how these things come together and make you special.

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Are there any experiences that show how you, having your distinctive mixture of these separate identities or interests or abilities, were able to meet a challenge, relate to a stranger, help a peer, or learn something new about yourself? Really dig deeply into what you believe is truly unique about you, weave a story that features an experience or two demonstrating that uniqueness, and then show how this will help you contribute something distinctive to UPitt that nobody else can. With this prompt, UPitt wants to see your creativity and problem-solving skills. In other words, you should show the admissions office how you think.

Bonus points if you can combine multiple areas of specialty together, drawing on your skills and experiences from two or more different academic or extracurricular areas! As a word of caution, the only constraint is the word limit. If you present something that requires a great deal of highly technical explanations, try your best to simplify it down so that any person walking down the street can understand your proposal. And worse comes to worst, pick something else! Want help on your Pitt application or essays? Want us to quickly edit your college essay?

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Get Essay Help. You also noticed that a lot of students at school are always anxious about school work or seem to be struggling with depression. You found that the majority of the student body downloaded the app and many have come to you saying how much it has helped them feel less alone and has given them the courage to seek help for their struggles. A new student who began attending your school was bullied by some kids in your grade.

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Even some of your own friends were mean to him or would make fun of him. Maybe, but most social exchanges require a balance between sincerity and goodwill on the one hand and finesse on the other. College application essays, or personal statements, are to a large extent social exchanges and require the same balance. Faced with piles of paperwork, difficult choices, and a looming deadline, the people who screen your applications work long hours throughout the winter months. Purpose of the Essay. With so many applications to review, why do colleges add to the burden by requiring a personal statement?

After all, they have plenty of other factors to consider, including grades, recommendations, and test scores. You might be surprised, however, to know just how important the essay can be.

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Doughty at Carnegie Mellon concurs. Showcase Your Writing Skills. Personal statements are a great opportunity to demonstrate your ability to write well.

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In addition to the basics — accurate spelling, consistent use of tense, subject-verb agreement, and other mechanics issues — your readers will be looking for higher-level composition skills. Joan Jaffe, associate dean of admission at Mills College in Oakland, California, reads essays for good sentence structure, coherent paragraphs, and logical arguments.

Create a Self-Portrait. Think of the personal statement as a self-portrait or a clip from the movie of your life. This is true even at art schools, where admission decisions are often based largely on student portfolios and where admission officers learn a lot about applicants through their work. The essay is probably your best chance to come alive to the admission committee. As he points out, other parts of the application, such as the activity chart where you list your extracurricular activities, serve that purpose.

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Remember that one of your goals is to introduce yourself to the reader and hopefully form a connection. Types of Essays. Admission officers are human, and like other humans they appreciate a good read. In fact, some approaches to the personal statement are used so frequently that admission officers have come to recognize them as types.

While these types have predictable pitfalls, a thoughtful writer can still surprise the reader with a smart, sincere essay that breaks the mold. Take a closer look at two of these types: the humorous essay and the personal hardship essay. The Humorous Essay. The Personal Hardship Essay. One phenomenon in essay writing is the so-called victim syndrome. The following thesis statements both deal with divorce and its effect on the writer, but notice the difference between the two:.